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Disaster Relief

Take a few moments now to ensure you are stocked up if forced to shelter in place for a week (as many in Colorado). Do you have enough water, food and medication for you and your pets, flashlights and batteries, candles? Is your cell phone charged fully? Do you have an evacuation plan in place and sheltering options ready should you need to leave quickly? Taking a few moments of consideration now can make a world of difference if you find yourself impacted.

If you live in an area impacted and are evacuating, TAKE YOUR PETS WITH YOU! If you have loved ones in/near this area, please take a moment to reach out and ensure they have an evacuation plan and route ready and are planning to include their pets in those plans. In a disaster, BHH feels strongly there should be NO PET LEFT BEHIND. If you have been impacted by the flooding and need held finding resources, we are here to help: Call 812.327.5876 or email us:

Here are some pet-specific tips to help plan: Make sure your pet has on a collar and tags with current information. If your pet is micro-chipped, take a moment to ensure the chip info is up-to-date. Grab at least 2 weeks worth of medicines, and your pets important records, food and water for 2 weeks, as well as a sharpie marker and put them in a Ziploc or other waterproof storage in a place easily accessible in time of need, we suggest adding to your family disaster readiness kit. We also suggest if possible you add some comfort items (toys, treats) but the KEY is to have essentials. We always suggest adding an extra Ziploc to the kit (this can be used to store your cellphone in a disaster). Take a photo of your pet on your phone, and post to your FB page, or email to friends (this helps create a record of your pet which is accessible anywhere). If you have no obviously identifying tag/collar on your pet and will be evacuating, we typically recommend somehow putting an obvious ID on the dog. Using a sharpie to write contact info on a belly is an option if you keep the dog dry (which is likely tricky in this situation), you can also grab a neck tie, scarf, or other item that will loosely secure to the dog -be sure to write your full contact information on the item where it is visible. In the event you are separated from your furry family member having an obvious identifier can help with a reunification.